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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  11/20/2008 10:26:27 AM
Subject:  Wanted this on top about Roy
Message:  Just got off the phone with Sylvia and she said that for the first time in a while Roy is sleeping like a baby and feeling much better.

The biggest part of our conversation revolved around just how I was to describe it to the porch.

If you've known Roy, for anytime now, you know that he sells, way overpriced , swimming pools. That's how Roy and Dave stay rich. We all know just how much crap salesmen are full of. I don't know about Dave but Roy's not full of it (sh*t)
anymore.   There evidently was a blockage that was keeping him from eating and doing the other thing and causing him to stay sick.   I think Willie is going to come over and do the white glove test to see if they got it all.

Most all of his organs seem to be doing well. That reminds me, the 24th will be Roy and Sylvia's wedding anniversary.

Roy's feeling so much better that Sylvia said that Roy wanted her to call me and see if I had any of those little " Blue Pillow " mints. I told her that I would call the drugstore and get them refilled.

It was great to hear her laugh and her upbeat attitude.

Their next plans......... go see Mamie.

 Wanted this on top about Roy by larry larry at 11/20/2008 10:26:27 AM
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