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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  11/9/2008 2:36:08 PM
Subject:  Mamie sunday 4pm
Message:  First let me say that I wish that I wouldn't have waited so long to eat her cheesecake. It would have been much better if it were colder. I'm also getting old and letting my pride get the better of me because there beneath the plate warmer were some very nice looking beef tips and noodles with a big roll.

Let me just say an over all statement.   Mamie looked very, very, much better when I left than when I first got there. She had just been given a sedative to help her sleep. She was on her side and moaning and her heart rate was all over the place 78-105 or higher. She woke up and she recognized me. She couldn't talk but when the nurse asked if she knew me she shook her head yes. When asked if it was "Larry" she did the same. She turned over on her back and went back to a very restful sleep with less moaning and more sleeping.

When I first got there, her blood pressure was around 58/36. Later it went to around 86/61 and finally, when I left, it was 154/72. Her oxygen level stayed at a very good 98-100 percent, which is great for the brain.

I got her to drink a little water and also soaked the sponge sticks with water and let her suck the water out of it and brush it around on her teeth and gums to kind of refresh her mouth.

Right before I left I told her that she needs to eat or they were going to shove one of those feeding tubes down her nose. I also told her that I wasn't going to be anywhere near around if they did because she was such a stubborn person.

I told her that I was glad that she was looking better but that I sure had enjoyed my being able to mouth off to her and not hear her with any smart reply. Not 100 per cent but at about 25 per cent she gave me that snide lipped slant eyed smile. I think that means that she's going to kick my butt when she's better.

Pray that she eats something. and gets on the road to recovery.

I'M NO DOCTOR , but I left there feeling very hopeful.

I'm only about 30-35 minutes from her so that makes me feel good that I can get there so quickly.

I'm going to the store for Ice Cream.


 Mamie sunday 4pm by larry larry at 11/9/2008 2:36:08 PM
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