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Author:  Val
E-mail:  val@valweedonpromotions.co.uk
Date:  11/7/2008 10:02:22 AM
Subject:  Re: Val Weedon has a birthday 'over there'
Message:  Aw...thanks everyone...I really appreciate your messages. I'm just amazed you remember my birthday each year. No chance of sneaking it past you! I'm on a countdown to my 60th in 2010 and interestingly I'm looking forward to it.
Took on board some of your suggestions about what I should do for my birthday. Wish I could get to Texas. Thanks for the sympathy of ending up with thuggish Phil. (You noticed that huh?) So, I'm sending him out to work for the day tomorrow and bringing in some of my girlfriends for a night to party and have a sleepover! Lots of drink and food, maybe a weepy movie, and a singalong on the karaoke (machine kindly donated by my daughter Sarah). I can't sing by the way, so maybe you could fly over Laura Shayne, Jonmark, Doug and a few others as my backing vocals so the local dogs don't start howling when they hear my voice!
Cheers everyone...here's to another year....Valxxx

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