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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  11/4/2008 1:04:03 PM
Subject:  Mamie
Message:  Went to see MAMIE. Didn't think I'd be home this soon. Actually I left before noon and messed around a little. Would have stayed longer but Jerry read the lunch menu and said " Looks like What a Burger for me" I trust his judgement and figured there was no reason to stay and help Mamie eat her lunch.

She was sleeping when I got there, so I slammed my crutches against her bed and woke her up. I wasn't about to drive that far, with my broken foot bone, ( and doctors orders not to drive at all) and just sit there and watch her sleep.

One of the first things she did was get on to me for driving over.

For a woman in her 80's, with IV's in her and on medication, and laying in a hospital bed with her hair looking like some chicken that just lost a fight, she looked...... I guess... ok.

She is weak and has a pain in her right side that runs to her back. No kidney stone or cyst though. They ran one of those test on her where they could see her insides.

Seems to be a problem with one of her kidneys not wanting to do it's thing. They're going to give her meds and therapy for that. Keep in mind this was almost three hours ago and things may have changed.

To hear her and Jerry talk, I don't think they will be in Florida this year. Something about therapy or rehab or something that might take two weeks.

But , there again, things could change and miracles do happen. Shoot, man, who would have ever thought anyone in their right mind would marry Laura Shayne. But then there's the question " IS Ryan in HIS right mind?" Call and listen to their answering machine and see what you think.

I don't know much else, oh yeah, they came and gave her a bath and combed her hair so she looked good when I left her.

Anyone can call me if you want 1-936-856-3437. That is except Randy Dodds, Bud, and Dave. I've already talked to you three in the last two days and that's enough for one month.

Susie G. I Would like to get a call from you though. That's right, lost your number again.

Anybody that hears anything, let us know.


 Mamie by larry larry at 11/4/2008 1:04:03 PM
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