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Author:  Egbert
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Date:  10/11/2008 1:08:35 AM
Subject:  Dobbestar
Message:  It was a week full of music.
Wednesday I sang for some 1000 schoolkids between 8 and 17 and they all sang along in Drents. That made me very proud.
Afterwards I felt like a young popstar when I was asked for autographs on agenda's, bodyparts a.o.
Man, you should have seen me then!I felt the adrenaline for the next three days hahaha!

But last night was the best.
I felt a very proud daddy when my little girl Annerieke (9) won the school performing contest.
She was amongst some 30 kids of her school called 'the Dobbe' who performed, danced, playbacked a.s.o.
Annerieke sang a song about a dolphin, backed-up by a soundtrack.
She got a huge trophy and this schoolyear she earned the title of 'Dobbestar'!
Aint that something?

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