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Author:  paul
E-mail:  pauletlargo@yahoo.fr
Date:  10/7/2008 1:13:53 AM
Subject:  greetings...
Message:  hi... from very small town in Provence, i wanted to thank Mickey'spirit for all the so "cocooning" hours from my childhood when my father (born in 40 too) cradled my brother sister and i, in the car with tape or at home and some times (trying) playing at the guitar any newbury's songs. like some smelling , tasting and best souvenirs from childhood, it's definitively printed in my memory like associated with the sweetest period of my life. My father (tells he)looks for a long time for Mickey's cd in France but find none... so he asked last month for me to transfer one old tape on Cd and i was diving again after 25 or maybe 30 years in his world: great experience!! ...and ask myself if it's possible that anything was unfindable on the net: now I know!!! ... and know too I will make my father happy with the Bio, informations about all the covers and maybe , i wish i could find some lyrics and songs my father know or other he never knew to make him discover those jewels.
so it's only 1 simple word but... MERCI.

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