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Author:  The Sheriff
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Date:  9/26/2008 5:24:46 AM
Subject:  Re: The Sheriff is Missing !!
Message:  Golly, Geeze, Louise,

Just gone out fer a moonless stroll, and when I come back to the office, I see the Misfits all havin' a PARDEE without me. Well, bless their little misguided hearts. Gave Woody and the gang the day off to recover from their hangovers.

As fer me, my social life is booked up t'day. 2 Rummage Sales and one Senior Center Bazaar. Tomorrow, another Rummage and Church Harvest Sale. Me brudders will take me out (behind the woodshed?) tomorro' or Sunday fer sum vittels.

My first email well-wishes were from the Red Cross Blood Drive. Guess they's gettin' thirsty or sumthin'.

Anyhowz, thanks in advance fer yer well-wishes. Bein' 39 all over again iz gittin' ta be the pits.

Joey, Josito, Joedy, (Guiseppi?) --- 'The Sheriff'

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