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Author:  Roy Stamps
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  8/28/2008 4:57:15 AM
Subject:  One More Time Again....
Message:  Over the years many of you have complemented me on my writing...and I do take pride in my ability to string words together to paint a picture or make a statement...I have been trying to make this post for about a week and nothing has made it's way into what little brain I have left that makes it any easier to say what I want to say. I guess I must meet this one, as I have with most major problems in my life, eyes open and head on!

We learned last week that my little sister, Sue Goodwin, has a rare form on cancer!

There are many tests that need to be done and we are researching everything that we can find on this type of cancer. One thing is certain, it is not a life threating situation at this time...there is the posibility that this has been within her body for years...active, but dormat.

As far as we can tell Susie and I are the only two members of our families that have ever been effected by cancer. That's a nasty word...cancer, but just like most things, it can be contained. As the results of her tests are received, one of us will let our Porch Family know what is happening.

To those of you who have asked...my situation hasn't changed much. C. W. Colt's friend, John Kanzius, has put me in touch with the head of his research team at M. D. Anderson, Dr. Curry. As I have a tumor which is impossible to reach by any normal medical procedure, my only shot is John's magic radio wave machine. It has been proven to work in all of the tests, but the FDA has not yet ok'ed tests on humans. One would think that thousands of people will die while the FDA has it's meetings...so what's the risk?

My soap box has been active since I've been in contact with Kanzius...now, with the news of my sister's cancer, it's going to get bigger and much more vocal.

So, once again...your prayers, your candles, your bright lamps and good thoughts are requested.

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