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Author:  another mick
E-mail:  verbaud@aol.com
Date:  1/25/2004 3:47:45 AM
Subject:  Re: lulled by love
Message:  sorry, sent before I was done....My babies, and I do call them my babies, these roughie toughie MTV outlaws have never had an outlet for their hearts. Long story longer, I am the king of all DJ's when I get home. Love me love my dog, etc...
I was just playing a song or 2 from the cd's I had been listening to the passed several days and I played Mickey's story of Booger Red, and my buddy laughed along with it, loved the song. But when I went to play another song, he said, "no, who is this guy?"
He spent the rest of the night with God's cello. We sat and listened to Lulled by the Moonlight after the entire Live at Montezuma etc.....
Roughie toughie buddy is totally enthralled with "my god, what a beautiful voice, play that song again, what is his name, is he still playing? I want to sit at his feet, this is everything I am......."
Funny, I went and saw Bette Midler with a bunch of maniacs last night in DC. The most touching part of her show was a little tribute to Mr.Rogers. Captain Kangaroo died yesterday. The similarity in her tribute and what I read in the paper today about Captain Kangaroo proved to me that kindness and gentility will out. All hearts need to know that tenderness is out there, sometimes we just have to wait. But we're never alone.
What I saw in my buddy's eyes as he listened to Mickey for the first time, told me that indeed, dear hearts and gentle people will always win.
My gentle hurtful buddy is sleepin on my couch tonight. He asked me if I had anymore Mickey before he went to sleep. I put A Long Road Home on, and turned it way down. I said this will give you peace and dreams.
Dear friends on the porch, thanks for being there. Thanks for keeping more hearts at peace than you will ever know.
Living in the Love,
Dear Hearts, and Gentle people, Goodnight.

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