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Author:  Doug
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/25/2004 1:11:53 AM
Subject:  Re: Cold
Message:  Mamie, I'll sit here with you
while they fix the path out back.
Let me make the cocoa tonight.
You take sugar? You want anything,
let me know. The selection has been
improving lately, believe me.
You know, I have something to tell you:
Whichever of the town girls
you send out shopping for your clothes,
they sure do know about colors!
Did you ever notice it's not as windy
around the front here? Quieter, too.
Someone's been keeping this front deck
real clean. Out back is usually a mess,
though it was better a while there
while Dave was off in Hawaii.
Just a big ol' coincidence, I reckon.
Did you get a call today from that gal
up in Menard? You two must keep each other
feeling younger, 'cause I swear that
when the two of you get together
you almost never act your age.
I was speaking not long ago with a boy
wearing a "chicken man" t-shirt,
and he said the same darn thing.
Have you heard from your first-born's
youngest daughter? I am telling you
she is finding roses in the snow
up there in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
I b'lieve she's got a touch or something,
'cause she blows on 'em and next you know
they're readying themselves to open
like they're mistakin' her warm breath
for the comin' of the spring.
That boy from up Huntsville way
been callin' for more bread pudding?
I swear anybody that tall's got to
have taken a few blows to the head,
if you understand what I'm sayin'.
Oh! Geez, you scared me, Boo,
hiding like that by the screen door.
Come here. Come over and set a while.
You can have this rocker right here,
out of the light, as you like it.
Boo, you know Mamie? Sure, sure you do.
Why don't you two talk a while.
Mamie, I'm going to go inside and make
another cup of cocoa for Boo here.
When I come back, would you tell me
a little more about this Cowboy
and his gal? He's been awfully nice
to me lately. I heard him sing, too.
Clear as the rivers used to be,
that voice. Just as clear
as the rivers used to be...

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