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Author:  The Sheriff
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Date:  8/12/2008 3:07:16 PM
Subject:  I'M BACK in Dodge
Message:  Dear friends and gentle people,

As Shirley has informed you, I am 'back in Dodge' (not back in the saddle).

First, I want Roy and Sylvia, and Elton to know that I was deeply saddened to hear of Rene's accident and of Elton's brother's passing. If there is any from this dear Porch, it is the healing power of prayers and lit-candles. Comfort resides here on this Ol' Porch and with the family that rocks together.

Second, I want to thank Bill + Linda, Connie, A. Shirley, Ginny, Karen R., Katherine, Larry + Gale, and Elton + Sallie for your cards and notes. (My brother complained that some days, I was the only one getting mail).

I do want to thank Karen for filling in for the Sheriff in birthday announcements. My problem here was that I was marooned on the first floor of my brother's house, and his PC was upstairs.
Now that I have my DSL back on, I can resume the announcements. Again, thank you.

I am greatful and thankful that Terry and Brenda put up with me these 5 weeks. But I musta been a pain in the ol' "patooties" now and then. His two Westies and occasional grandkids kept me occupied.

No more wheelchair. They wheeled me up a long ramp into my house and now it's totally 'walker - mode' getting around the house. The doc says "no pressure on that foot" and I have this moby blue cast, but try going to the bathroom, or preparing and cooking supper without cheating a little. I figure there's a book out there: "10 Winks - The Kama Sutra of Sleeping Positions When You Have A Cast" -- by Markey de Sod.

In two weeks, it's back to the doc. To save on moneys (I didn't have any medical insurance other than my auto insurance), I will tell them to just take a Polaroid pic and lie to me. The bills have come in. Sure glad they can't get blood out of a turnip! Might have to sell the house and my body to science (yeah, right --- like they's take it).

Kept busy at my brother's house with crosswords and word-searches. Did you know that Jesse James married his cousin, Zerelda?

So, here I is. Even if me body is rusty, my mind isn't. I miss ya'll (and love ya, too). Now I gots ta gather up me Posse, cast iron Sheriff 'n' all, and check them APB's and wanted posters.


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