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Author:  Sallie and Elton
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Date:  7/18/2008 8:57:47 AM
Subject:  Elton's Brother Passed Away
Message:  Because you are all our family, too, I wanted to let you know that Elton's brother, Paul, suffered a major heart attack (his first)early yesterday morning and passed away late last night. His services will be held in Hopkinsville, KY, on Sunday afternoon.

Papa John and Karen, you'll be amazed to know that Paul's wife asked Elton to sing "Farther Along" at the funeral service, without knowing that you two had just added it to his current repertoire.

Roy and Sylvia, when I opened the MN page to post this, and saw the sad turn of events for your daughter, Rene', my heart just went out to you two. We are so very sorry for all of the pain and weariness we know that brings you both. We send our love to you and to our Porch Family. We love you all.

Sallie and Elton

 Elton's Brother Passed Away by Sallie and Elton at 7/18/2008 8:57:47 AM
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