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Author:  Brenda Latunski
E-mail:  blatunski@hotmail.com
Date:  7/17/2008 9:39:47 AM
Subject:  Joey
Message:  Dear Friends,
Well, it's time ya herd direct 'frum da Sheriff himself(although this is still transcribed by Brenda Starr--lest datz wat she ken 'cipher 'tween da snores, snorts 'n' all!)
Me an Ol'Pain Job left da road comin' inta Soiux City, Iowa. We musta been haulin, cuz da speed limit waz 65-70. Don't remember anythin 'bout "how"' juz that I bee negotiatin' a slope, tall weeds, and a soon approachin magnetically-'enhanced guard rail. Not wantin ta roll her over, I swerved " to da right" )hee hee) and ...WHAM! Dat's aw Iz remember--da snoke frum da air bags deflatin'.
Da Doc sezs he dont' wants ta operate--hoping I ken heel in time. (Busted me left ankle) Gave me a sentence of 10-20 WEEKS -- "Geez Luiz No walkin' kast neether!! Hey, kant dey juz gimmie a "Rip Wan Winkle pill" 'n' let me pop out ( or poop out!) da udder end 'n' tell me all 'bout it then?
so, me an' my Woodey are temp retired frum Sheriff--dom, heer in Clark, SD.
Karen--sorry ta put ya back in dat saddle again. See if ya ken get Deputy Dawg and Kapt. Koala (Mr. "Dee- Putie") ta halp ya.
Doug--I read and loved yer "Outlaw Memory". Thanks.
Meybe, if my brudders ken modify my shack a little (?) I ken re-lokate aback home. Get my Kable and DSL back up... and ken rezume my duties as yer Sheriff ( or Texas Ranger).
Keep dem kards 'n' letters 'n' well-wishes acomin' pardners! I appreciate dem all.
Yers truly,
Joey L. ( aka Joedy, Josito, "Broasted", Sheriff John, Sherriff of Nothingham, Interppol Joe, "the Sheriff").
Deer frienda of Deputy Dawg, Kapt. Koala, Pistol Dawn, Judy Pip, and now Brenda Starr.

 Joey by Brenda Latunski  at 7/17/2008 9:39:47 AM
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