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Author:  Karen
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Date:  1/22/2004 3:45:07 PM
Subject:  Re: It's been too long
Message:  Hadn't finished yesterday so back to the library. Good to hear from you Keith. Hope you are loving your little grand-daughter enough! About as much as Dave loves his grandchildren and you'll be right!

G'day Dorothy and Karen! "Mate" is ususally for blokes but my daughters and their friends use it a bit and I decided a while back to start as it is such a good one. The blokes here use it all the time and it seems such a leveller; don't matter who you are or what you do, you're a mate and I like that. Have to pick your women though! Might be a bit too posh.

Yes Neil and I are living our dream but it has had its challenges. We don't have a house anywhere and the real estate here as gone ballistic since we sold up so we are right out of the market. It makes us feel a bit scared at times for our old age but then, we pick ourselves up and remember all those with real problems. We are both well and can still earn a living so our future will no doubt be fine. We are both suntanned and healthy, have a lot of laughs and really enjoy seeing Australia. There is enough to see to keep us on the road for many a year if we like it, and so far we love it.

Lately, we have been reading books about the Aussie bushrangers and it is fascinating. We drive around all these places where stick-ups occurred and are now making it a focus to seek out the lookouts and hideaways, the banks that were robbed and the sites of the gold escort robberies, and the graves of these fellas. Australians know very little about our rich (and rough!) history.

We have a lot of funny times on our travels, too many to mention really. Something I get a kick out of is the conversation between men in the caravan park. "Yeah g'day mate. Er, how long is your rig? (No time given for reply). Yeah mine is (bla bla) long and she's built to take the rough stuff. I put (bla bla) suspension on her and we've got 44 water tanks underneath. Yeah, we can camp out for 50 years and never need a thing.... bla bla". (Excuse my slight exaggerations!).

Just a little bit about our travels as I know lots of porchers wonder about us "downunder".

My love to all. To those I haven't yet met properly on the porch, we are all mates here.


Karen XX

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