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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  7/10/2008 10:07:21 AM
Subject:  Re: Yikes...
Message:  I hope you have us hotel reservations, Last I heard, I'm going to have to go to Marshal Texas to get a room 22 miles away. Then again, I may just drive over and come back. Yes, If I do, I'll come back and get you and your male prostitute. Or maybe not. I start school that Monday.

No offense but , if your relying on Ryan to make money, on the streets, I wouldn't expect to fly more than one of those little airplanes, that you can buy at Walmart.

Headin' back over to Monica's. Did her yard, and still doing it. Two acres is big when you have to mow, weed eat, and edge in 95-100 degree weather. But it's for Karley's birthday party, Saturday, she will be three, and that makes is all worth it.

Keep me posted.


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