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Author:  Sallie
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Date:  7/8/2008 7:59:52 PM
Subject:  Spooky Timing!
Message:  When Elton and I were on the way to Austin, we realized we were running too late to get any food in Hope, AR (our usual first night stop) so we decided to search for a place to eat. Near Benton, AR, I saw a sign advertising "fried green tomatoes" at a restaurant called Brown's Buffet. We had never been there, but decided to stop. No sooner had we loaded our plates and sat down, when across the room with an amazed smile came Toni Jolene Clay! She was returning from Houston, having just made the sad decision that she could not possibly make it to GVIII. We asked her if she had ever eaten at Brown's before. She said no . . . she had just seen this sign advertising "fried green tomatoes" and decided to stop for supper. I know how much Mickey hated Fried Okra, but did he like Fried Green Tomatoes? Why else would that crazy sign have made such a wonderful visit possible?

I had the same feeling today. After trying for weeks to find a time that we could get together, April called me from Nashville. After starting from 45 minutes apart, we converged at Cracker Barrel in Clarksville at precicely the same instant! There just must be something "in the air" that draws Mickey's people together!!! Toni and April, we treasure our visits with you both.
Lots of Love,
Elton and Sallie

 Spooky Timing! by Sallie at 7/8/2008 7:59:52 PM
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