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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  sarahjp1@airmail.net
Date:  1/21/2004 10:02:19 AM
Subject:  Gathering IV,04 update
Message:  Here is my list, so far, of those who are coming to Austin:

Susan Newbury
Laura Shayne
Dorothy Hamm
Virginia "Smith" Pizzelli
Susan Williamson
Bill and Linda Pahlman
Judy W
Meeks (and Kat, maybe)
Doug Lang
Roy and Sylvia
Lee Fry
Bud Wilhite
Susie G
Larry and Suzette
Joey Latunski
Joe Ziemer
Connie Smith
Todd Anthony
RandyB and Lynn
Ernie and Gail
John and Sue Meares
Hank Beukema
Dawn And Jim Moreillon
Craig and Janet Wilkins
Gary Burton and Mrs. Burton
Egbert Meyers and friend, Ab Gritter
Lib, Shirley, and Bobbi
Andrew Polk
William and Thea

"Maybe"s include:
Kasey Jones
Bob Rosemurgy
Chris Fraser
Magne and friend Mike Beck
Karen R
Ron Lyons
RB Lindsey
X Lincoln
Bill Smith and Flint
Dave and Judy

*If your name isn't on my list, I haven't received an email from you, or found a post that says you are coming, so, please post here, or email me. sarahjp1@airmail.net

*Doug is planning the program. Don't be shy, now, sign up!
Cowboy has volunteered his sound system, and his technical support.
Roy is bringing the recording equipment. (We will rent a Big screen TV again, to view any videos that get added to the program)

Virginia is already hard at work on our Theme/Decorations/Registration/Silent Auction
*The proceeds from the silent auction greatly helped us meet expenses last year. A special thanks to Meeks, for all the Newbury records. Donations for this years auction will be very much appreciated.
*RandyB has designed a beautful logo, again, for this years theme. Yes, there will be a Tshirt included the registration package. (More info soon from V) Extra T-shirts will also be made available, even if you can't come to Austin.
Please contact Virginia if you'd like to help.

Shirley, Lib, and Bobbi are organizing the food and refreshments in the hospitality room. Beginning with a Welcome to Texas, appetizer buffet, friday evening; A big ole Texas Barbeque, prepared by LL, and Cowboy, saturday afternoon; and a Typhoo Tea Party Sunday afternoon. Our goal this year is to have plenty of snacks, sandwich fixin's, etc...(yes we are going to have Blue Bell) so that venturing forth for sustenance, does not become an issue. If anyone has special dietary needs please let us know. And if any of you good cooks want to bring something, be sure and email Lib, they will certainly appreciate volunteers.
A big thanks to the beautiful Lindsey ladies for taking this on!

*Dorothy Hamm has volunteered to be our publicity chairman.

*Sunday service...Papa John will be organizing the Sunday morning program. Rev Buckman, and Judy have agreed to help. Hopefully, RB will be there to play "Amazing Grace"

*Southwest Airlines is now taking reservations through the end of June.

Ok, ya'll please email me any suggestions, or questions.

As Laura Shayne said 23 weeks..... *grin*


I uploaded RandyB's beautiful logo to the Front Porch Friends Alt site. You can access the site by going to Links above here, you'll need to be registered to view the file. Go to Files, I created a new folder "GatheringIV,04"


If you can not view it, email me and I'll send it to you.

 Gathering IV,04 update by SusanW  at 1/21/2004 10:02:19 AM