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Author:  Joe Z
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/21/2004 7:02:25 AM
Subject:  Re: The Book
Message:  The book is a biography of Mickey Newbury’s life and a musicology of his music. Comprehensive documentation is included, and the index contains around 700 entries. Due to the complexity of the subject, several others were recruited to speak. More than 200 friends, critics, peers and family members are quoted, and each person presents his or her truths about the man. Twenty-two pictures are included; a dozen or so are from Mamie’s scrapbook.

For ordering, it will be available in May on the publisher’s website and from numerous other outlets. Overseas mailings will not be a problem. Details later.

How do I feel? Empty. The book is not a small ripple. I’m wonderin’ about my friend, Karma.

What am I going to do now? I must go back to work. My industry (broadcast equipment supply) is a mess, so I’m investigating other avenues. I also need to take Roxanne to dinner and spend time with my kids. But Jim - yeah babe - let’s go fishing!

I am looking forward to Ron’s wonderful CD, a true labor of love. When will it be available, Ron? I predict a Grammy.

Love ya,


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