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Author:  BarbraG
E-mail:  roynnbarb@comcast.net
Date:  6/30/2008 10:10:44 PM
Subject:  Re: Jacob
Message:  Now would be a GREAT time to write your congressman, Andrew. I will be happy to sign it.
This just should not be !!! This was cooked up
by someone with a really cruel streak. IF this is the case, families shoul be told GOING IN that the soldier will not have time to read something unless it's urgent.   How hard would that be? There is a White House Liaison number
that you can call and make a complaint and the
call MUST be answered 24 hours from the time it is recorded. Or at least, that is the way it used to be. When things like this get around in
the news, they better start up another draft,
because our young folks will choose another "career".    Oh, that call is supposed
to be CONFIDENTIAL, but someone HAS to look into the complaint. Caring folks at the top would not like this, I Hope !!!   I also hope
that these drill instructors are not reading the
soldier's mail. Isn't that a violation of the consitutional rights?    OHHHHHHHHHooooohhhhhhhh,
This makes me mad, too, Andrew.   MAKE THE SIGNS
and let's MARCH !!!!!!


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