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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  not available
Date:  6/24/2008 11:10:30 AM
Subject:  Re: Gathering News!!!
Message:  Hope you enjoy eating MY bread puddin' with lemon sauce, Craig old buddy.

What's your room number Craig?

I'm looking , on line, at the Austin telephone directory , yellow pages, under '' HIT MEN." Would Janet prefer someone that uses a gun silencer or not? Don't want to interrupt her sleep.

Actually, I just spoke with Laura Shayne and told her that my good ol' Government Stimulus check is due to arrive the 27th. Maybe I could leave that afternoon, if there are any rooms left.

God bless George Bush, right , Roy?

The thought of missing out on performances by Toni, Kacey, Doug, Jonmark, Laura Shayne, Charlie Day and so many others, is killing me. Love hearing everybody live. Yes, Ernie, I left you out on purpose.

The 26th, I go to the Dr. and get my Testosterone shot, Cortisone shot, and a steroid pack for my back pain. So if your a woman be prepared to be chased by a 60 year old man that feels 20. Bad thing is I won't look 20. These shots are making my hair fall out at a tremendous rate.

You know, Ernie may even look good to me by then

Suzette has to stay home with her mother who is getting a kidney stone blasted, as we speak, type,.... what ever.

If I can't go, the good news is that Blue Bell is 3/$9.

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