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Author:  erik "the Dane"
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Date:  6/19/2008 10:11:12 PM
Subject:  talk to "my" vicar yesterday!
Message:  To be frank, I am in a way NOT a religious person.

I am going to church "when" I have too.

I also remember back in the old days and the priest and the black gown, dress he was carry.

He talk in a "funny way" for me back then, mostly about life and dead, and so on.

I remember the old days, when I was very young, when family member died, and I was "left home" home, and not was in church.

My nearest family is not so big.

So in a way I was over 40 before I was to a funeral.

And now to "my" local vicar!
Don`t think he is my area priest, but he is "just around the corner"!

The vicar with name Thyge I meet in my local store in my area.
We are at same age, and he is more "my style" of a priest.
Many years 12-15 ago I invited him to my home and we got some food and talk about something for everybody.
Have not seen Thyge for a while, so I say a short hello and we talk about my trip to Austin and about Mickey Newbury and religious music and I told him about how much I love to hear this religious tunes from time to time.
Also because of my "friend" for almost 25 years Jimmy Layne Webb (priest son from Oklahoma and he was organ player in his fathers church, when he much young) and Mickey`s music I have heard a lot religious music who also have inspire me.
Not to forget Glen Campbell, Art Garfunkel and there version.

I told Thyge about Mickey`s recording of "His eyes is on the sparrow" and if he know this and Thyge start "singing" some lines just outside the store.
So hopefully a day I can find him a copy of Mickey´s version.


erik "the dane"

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