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Author:  Bill Clark
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Date:  6/17/2008 8:03:27 AM
Subject:  Re: US Open
Message:  It was a great "Open", and Tiger was......Well...
TIGER. Nonetheless, I think it would have been good for golf if Rocco had won, and quite honestly, I was pulling for him. Number 158 golfer in the WORLD against the No. 1? A win by
Rocco would have most likely been the highlight of his life, or at least, his career. Tiger has had, and will in the future have,
many "highlights". Woods presence in the world of golf has, in MY not-so-humble opinion, raised
the level of competition on the "tour". MANY of
the pros are playing better, it seems. But....
Rocco did all right .... finished second, and made over $800,000 ! And I DO like the 18-hole
play-off much better that a "sudden-death" thing
when a tie exists at the end of regular play. BC

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