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Author:  Ginny G.
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Date:  6/17/2008 12:08:57 AM
Subject:  Re: The Flodding Going On
Message:  My county has qualified for FEMA aide, but I personally have been lucky regarding flooding. Most of my family have had some water damage in their basements. People three blocks from me lost a lot of stuff... it's all piled at the curbs. A couple people have drowned in Wisconsin in the last couple days. One town that had just rebuilt itself from a tornado is now totally submerged in water, and people are thinking of moving the town.

There's lots of destruction and misery in southern Wisconsin, although I think Iowa was much worse hit. One of the local TV stations is holding a telethon tomorrow to help flood victims.
FEMA is still deciding which counties qualify for aide, but a lot of people have lost a great deal, and some homes were even washed away in currents. There's been a lot of sandbagging here trying to hold the water back.

Fortunately, we're expecting a dry week finally and some of the rivers and other flooded areas are starting to go down.

Thanks for asking.

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