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Author:  Gary on the Road again
E-mail:  garymburton@hotmail.com
Date:  1/19/2004 10:44:24 PM
Subject:  Dear Porchers
Message:  You people have been lovely. Thanks to Doug and Susan for the nice e-mails. I'm really looking forward to this gathering.
I was introduced to Mick's music by my first boss at a job making screen doors in Portland, OR in 1985. Don't miss that job, but sometimes I miss my mullet. And my '68 Nova.
The wife and I are headed up to Kenai, Alaska tomorrow for a job that should take about two months. I will get on here when I can, but can't say when that'll be.
However, I WILL see y'all in Austin! Look for the weathered white and olive-drab Winnie with Washington plates.

Take care please. Trust in God and each other.


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