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Author:  Sallie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  6/15/2008 1:42:51 PM
Subject:  Thanks to everyone!
Message:  Thanks so much for all the happy birthday wishes! Joey and Lib and Virginia, and Bree and April and Mamie and Jackie and Craig and Karen and LL and on and on! I love you all! I had a great day yesterday, and the celebrating and eating has carried over into today. LL all we had was Bryers, mea culpa! Virginia, I am so afraid my 'maters are not going to be ripe in time. I guess we could settle for fried green tomatoes! Mamie, Elton says he'll be in line to collect his hug too! April and Bree, I sure hate it that you won't be at the Gathering this time...but I am feeling pretty lucky to have your "proxy" to collect hugs for you in Austin. What a great assignment! Can't wait to see everyone soon at GVIII.
Love>>>>>Sallie (and Elton, of course)

 Thanks to everyone! by Sallie  at 6/15/2008 1:42:51 PM
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