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Author:  BarbraG
E-mail:  roynnbarb@comcast.net
Date:  6/10/2008 10:44:47 PM
Subject:  Spoonful Cafe
Message:  What a nice and welcoming place to visit, Jonmark. It's a wonderful place to catch up
on my reading. I love to go in and sit down
and just watch the folks who come in sometimes.

My grandmother liked nothing more than to go to
town on Saturday night and park at the curb, and
just sit in the car. Well, I say she liked nothing more, but that was after she wasn't able
to dance anymore. I loved her. (It was a one-horse town . . Branford, FL .. right beside my
river .. the Suwanee.) Not many in the world know that the Suwanee is mine. Many think it is
spelled "Swanee", but I think that came from Al

When my grandmother got upset at this or that,
she would exclaim,."Well, I'll SU..WAN..EE !!!" That was close to cursing for her.


 Spoonful Cafe by BarbraG  at 6/10/2008 10:44:47 PM
 Re: Spoonful Cafe by Jonmark at 6/12/2008 9:09:40 AM