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Author:  aussiedave
E-mail:  dnriddell@yahoo.com.au
Date:  6/10/2008 10:22:21 PM
Subject:  love youse
Message:  what a great 'aussie' word...youse.
pronounced ..'yoose'..like moose

now while we are speaking of LL!!

I love the guy...and doesn't he love his grandaughter Karley.

I hope I will love my grandkids just as much as LL.....

whenever that happens!!

Taking my lovely wife to Sydney next month to watch our football teams battle it out.
She cheers for a team that goes by the name of 'Swans'...........now I ask you!!

Who in their right mind would follow a team that has a lame name like that?
And the footballers are dressed in pink!!
pink shorts and pink tops!!
Come on..give me a break!!

well,not exactly pink...maybe red,but it could be mistaken for pink.

I wonder if they have a manicure before they hit the sporting arena?
Maybe have their mommies look after their handbags!!

I, on the other hand..follow the MIGHTY MAGPIES...
They play the game tough,but fair.
They are all over 6ft 8in tall and drag their arms along the ground when they walk onto the playing field.
And they don't care if they have dirty fingernails.
They just bite them off and spit them out.
I'm talkin' fingernails here!!

yeah I know.
so what are you saying.
Can a magpie beat-up a swan?

I'll let you know on the 5th July.

Wishing 'youse' all a great time at the 'gathering.


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