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Author:  Gary Lake
E-mail:  gal102751@yahoo.com
Date:  6/2/2008 4:41:07 PM
Subject:  Mickey Newbury & the Texas Country Music HOF
Message:  As you all should know by now Mickey will be induced into the TCMHOF on August 16th in Carthage, Tex. Being so close to the date of the Gathering, this puts a great financial strain on the musicians and participants that will be attending both functions. To help with some of the expenses, Lin and Karen McNatt came up with the idea of making necklaces and earings to sell at the Gathering.

Once Lin recoups her expenses, all net income will be applied toward the Gathering costs or the expenses for the HOF induction.

I had white pearlized guitar picks printed with MICKEY NEWBURY on one side and GATHERING 8 on the other. Lin has made up a number of necklace/ earring sets (each having a guitar pick as part of each piece. The jewelry is made of wood, coral, crystal and stone.

Necklaces will be $25; earrings will be $15; purchase one of each for $35. I realize these are not WalMart prices BUT, the money will be going to a good cause and each item is hand made. Individual guitar picks will be available for $5 or 5 for $20.

Any porcher who would like any of these items can contact me at gal102751@yahoo.com of (850) 293-1095.

 Mickey Newbury & the Texas Country Music HOF by Gary Lake  at 6/2/2008 4:41:07 PM
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