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Author:  erik "the Dane"
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Date:  6/2/2008 11:18:28 AM
Subject:  Re: I found it - old times, songs are not forgo...
Message:  Dear Mamie and others!

You right about this Embers 45, and I know very well about this recordings.

Just looking over my articles files AND FOUND!

Omaha Rainbow : Issue 13
The Mickey Newbury Interview - by Peter O'Brien
(London, England : April 10 1977)

MICKEY told us, he ad:
Oh, yeah, I had been on two major labels.
I was in a vocal group in the early 50's called The Embers.
Pretty big group.
Kenny Rogers was on another vocal group called The Scholars.
We were all good friends.
We all used to play in different places.
Some of the black clubs we played as opening acts to some of the big black acts like The Coasters, Bobby Blue Bland.
Kenny kind of branched off into jazz music, went with a group called The Kirby Stone Four.
We stayed with the blues music.
We had one record out on the Herald label in New York, and then we had one record out on Mercury.....or two.
Two on Mercury. Singles.
Our vocal sound was like The Penguins, The Drifters, those things.
Blues music and country music are very closely aligned in my ears.
They're really the same music.
Both kinds of music from underprivileged people.

About Mister Joe Ziemer`s great book about Mickey, side 51, you can read about a Mercury single "I`m sorry dear" who was put out under name Don Angelo.
If I understand right Mickey was include in this ONE Mercury single?
Don Angelo was before member of group Embers singing in Kenny Rogers group The Sharps.


erik "the Dane"

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