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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  1/17/2004 10:39:10 AM
Subject:  Re: Gathering and me
Message:  Gary, it's great to have ya back! I'm a little jealous that you're a wheelin' hobo - sometimes I wish I could pack up and hit the road. I'm Mick's daughter - you may remember me from before - but I remember the road trip my parents and I took to Texas - it was great! Struggling at times, but my dad loved bein on the road! And when we crossed the border into Texas, he yelled, "I'm home! I made it! Hot damn! I'm home...." It was a livening experience to hear my dad so excited... so welcome, and I can't wait to see you in Austin!

Miss Laura Shayne

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