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Author:  Ginny G. for Mamie
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Date:  1/16/2004 5:10:53 AM
Subject:  Update from Mary Anne Potter
Message:  Here's another update from Mary Anne, which Mamie asked me to post on the porch. Looks like we have some more praying to do.

Dearest Family and Friends,

On January 27th, Don and I will be traveling to Omaha, Nebraska, to the University of Nebraska Medical Center for further evaluation by the doctors there. Dr. Ogundipe told us recently that the cancer is still present as indicated by the C-T scan given a few weeks ago. Don will be taking several tests next week including
another C-T scan, PET scan, and some other tests h to give the doctors the most up-to-date information.     

Then on January 27th we fly to Omaha, Nebraska for Don and me to visit with the staff of doctors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Dr. Ogundipe wants us to visit especially with Dr. Julie Vose, a specialist in the field of stem cell research. After visiting with Dr. Vose and her staff, Don will have to decide if he wants to return to go through with this treatment. We have been told that it is extremely hard on the body, but he could save his life.

Don's type of cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, should have responded by the third or fourth round to the harsh regimen of drugs that were administered to him every three weeks. The cancer, as far as we know, is still attacking his body. Thus, as Dr. Ogundipe said, "It's time to call in the Big Guns", meaning either a bone marrow transplant or a stem cell transplant. Drs. Vose and Ogundipe think that the latter is the best course of treatment for Don's cancer. The stem cells would come from his own blood and then after it has gone through some very scientific "cleaning"; those stem cells would be re-introduced into Don's own body. In a bone marrow transplant, an appropriate match of bone marrow would have to be found. The use of Don's own stem cells lessons the chances of infection
and rejection and a match would not have to be located. This "cutting edge" approach takes several weeks and thus, we would both be up in Omaha, Nebraska in the hospital during this time. I would be staying with Don during his entire stay.

I asked Dr. Ogundipe why the University of Omaha Medical Center and not M.D. Anderson or Sloan-Kettering in NYC. He said that this facility is the top one, according to him, in the country for treating Don's type of cancer. We are anxious to visit this first-rate facility and find out more than we ever dreamed we would learn about using the body's own stem cells to treatment some forms of cancer.

Yes, we are nervous and scared because this type of treatment comes with great risks, but the final outcome offers great hope. As in the past, please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.    

Don continues to amaze everyone with his continued energy and stamina. He works everyday putting in 8-9 hours treating his patients. He plays full-court basketball three times a week during his lunch hour at the Y. He played 18 holes of golf last week-end and scored in the low 90's. We continue to thank God for all of our many blessings and are filled with hope, joy, and optimism. Life continues to be good to us. Don is NOT dying with cancer....he is living with cancer. His life is rich and full and busy.

Your emails, thoughts, kind words, deeds, and, most of all, your prayers continue to uplift us and sustain us. We would not have asked for this trial in our life, but because of it, we continue to be amazed each and every day at the goodness of our Lord and people.

Please mark Jan. 27th on your calendar. I will give you and update as soon as I can after we return on the 28th.

God Bless You!

Mary Anne

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