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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  4/2/2008 5:09:17 PM
Subject:  2 1/2 going on 13
Message:  "Hey Pa, put me on the counter but don't tell my mother." Spoken like a true teenager. Did I do it? Of course I did. It's my house and her mother wasn't around.

During supper, she ran her finger across the butter and licked it. Cute. Then all her fingers and licked them. Suzette and I just smiled at each other. Then we both about puked when we looked again and Karley had taken two huge bites from the butter stick.
Slick move huh? Get it slick.... butter is slick..... never mind.

Suzette is giving her a much deserved bath now, then PJ's and a story and we take Cinderella back to the castle where she lives. Even though she's asking to spend the night here. Makes me wonder just how well her parents are treating her.

 2 1/2 going on 13 by larry larry at 4/2/2008 5:09:17 PM
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