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Author:  Jackie
E-mail:  not available
Date:  1/14/2004 1:44:50 PM
Subject:  On a Blue Note
Message:  It`s 10.30 PM here in Innsbruck and I`m sitting feeling blue. I´ve been reading some of you old messages on the Back Porch (still haven`t succeeded in registering yet) and lots of old memories have come flooding back-Doug`s "songs that stop time" question really got me going. Definately "Help Me Make it Through The Night" by Kris Kristofferson. So many sad things happen in the course of our short lives. My heart goes out to Andrew(who I don`t even know)at the funeral tomorrow. Angels do walk through rooms-I know. I think it`s now time to put on some Tom Waits music and see what he has to say...
I love you baby and I always will
ever since I put your picture in a frame.
Goodnight out there-whoever you are.

 On a Blue Note by Jackie at 1/14/2004 1:44:50 PM
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