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Author:  Dr. B
E-mail:  carrierbp@comcast.net
Date:  1/14/2004 11:32:38 AM
Subject:  Re: Waylone Payne
Message:  Thanks again Roy. You seem to know quite a bit about the goings-on surrounding Mr. Payne. Is "Pete" a nickname or his real name? Is there anywhere I can find out more about him other than pestering you? Let me just say that all I know of him is that I found his sound interesting on the duet with Pat Green on his new album, so I decided to see if he had any stuff out I could listen to. All I've found is what's on his website and the two articles linked from there. Do you have any recordings of his? By the way, if anyone out there has any mp3 files of his music I'd be forever thankful if you emailed me one or two.

 Waylone Payne by Dr. B  at 1/14/2004 6:26:53 AM
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