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Author:  Eve
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Date:  1/12/2004 1:41:00 PM
Subject:  Re: Pam is at Peace
Message:  Andrew, I know you walk with God and believe as I do that we are not without hope. We will see Pam some glorious day when there will be no more pain or tears but Joy and Love and eternal Peace. What a day of celebration that will be! Comfort yourself with this thought.

Pam lived a life as a warrior and never once laid down her sword. She is now receiving her just reward. She is safe at home. We don't weep for her but for ourselves because we will miss her bright light in this world.

    All our love to you and may God hold you in his tender care.

Serenaded By Angels

Written By Kirk Talley

Verse I

She went to sleep one night

Never to awake again

But everything was all right

Between her and Him

She awoke in Heaven’s courtyard

Free from pain within

The angels gathered around her

And took her by the hand


Serenaded by angels, up to the throne

Serenaded by angels, finally at home

Surrounded by praises, to the King

Welcome to Paradise, the angels did sing

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