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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/14/2008 8:16:38 AM
Subject:  Re: Laura Shayne - answer your phone.
Message:  Ahhh... gary I have a new number! And, though I know LL's going to kill me for this.... HERE IT IS!!

(541) 206-2803

You want my address too? Social Security Number? Credit Card Number? Dress size?? haha Just kiddin' LL. Keep you're britches on!

Gary, I'm at work all day today, but you may be able to reach me intermittently throughout the day. If you don't reach me, I'll call you when I get off work at six, which would beeeee...... nine your time? Anyways, I'll talk to ya tonight either way!

Laura Shayne

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