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Author:  Susanna
E-mail:  not available
Date:  2/6/2008 9:08:22 PM
Subject:  Re: prayer request
Message:  Dear Sweet Porchers:

We're always there for each other, aren't we? No wonder this is the most special group of people ever invented. ;-)

I appreciate all the sweet sentiments I've been reading on the Porch. Here's the story:

My parents had 3 girls.
I (Susanna) am the middle child. Laura is older and Bobbi younger.

Bobbi lives in Texas (Stephenville)and has 4 children.
Her two youngest are in Texas with Bobbi and her husband Gary.
The older two are in St Louis.

This email is about Bobbi's firstborn...RYAN THOMAS HILL.

Ryan took his life yesterday.

He had been battling depression, and with...in his own words...an overwhelming sense of helplessness...jumped 10 stories down from a Washington University Building at Barnes Hospital in St Louis yesterday (February 5) about 3 pm.

Ryan was in med school, and he was brilliant. He was a charmer with an ear-to-ear smile.

Ryan was a bit like Russell Crowe in "A Brilliant Mind." He was the nerd who understood things we can't even pronounce. He loved bio chemistry, and for several years he has been studying genetics and cloning. But depression ... and even the chemical treatment of same...can have tragic effects on the mind. Perhaps especially a genius mind.

Ryan came and stayed with members of my family in Tampa for 2 weeks this past August. He and Andy had a great time in our spa. He came out to hear Andy sing. I introduced him to a beautiful girl named Jacque, and they went out and for some time stayed in touch via email, phone and...of course...text messaging.

Ryan was my godson.
He was 28 years old.

I don't need cards or emails or anything.
But I would love it if you would drop an email to my sister Bobbi.
It doesn't matter if you don't know her. Kind words will mean the world to her.

Thank you for listening. And for your prayers.

Much love from Andrew's Susanna

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