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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  sarahjp1@airmail.net
Date:  1/1/2004 7:09:21 PM
Subject:  Re: 2004 GATHERING
Message:  OK, I guess we are going to gather again, number 4. I will be more than happy to be the coordinator and keep track of who's volunteered/been delegated to do everything, because everyone was very helpful last year. I'll contact the hotel asap to get on their calendar. I'd appreciate anyone with any positive suggestions to email me. A few Chairpersons we need volunteers for are:
1. Sound/Technical,   Charlie Day did a wonderful job last year, volunteering his PA system and recording equipment. We did rent a big screen TV.
2. Host/Hostess, someone who will organize the food and refreshments in the hospitality suite.
3. Registration
4. Silent Auction
5. Theme/Decorations/Printing
6. Barbeque
7. Program Coordinator
8. MC, Ron Lyons, naturally, if he will do it, again.

I would like to get organized with these positions filled so that everyone else can pick a category to help with. If you want more information on any of these, please email me sarahjp1@airmail.net    If you want to nominate anyone here, go ahead, we'll beg 'em.
Maybe someone would like to jump in here and give a bit of history of our Gatherings for the benefit of our newly found porch friends, and we hope you ALL can come to Austin, Texas next summer to be part of the fun. SusanW

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