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Author:  Camray
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Date:  12/26/2007 9:59:07 AM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday Ed Heffelfinger !!
Message:  They's moved to the metric calendar in China but Ed's adjustin' to it. It's a ten day week now which is hell if you're havin' a bad one but for compensation they cancelled January and February. Is that how you spell February? Guess it don't matter no more in China. My heart goes out to all them peoples born in January and February in China. We love Ed and shall look for a big throw at East China Normal University if the cabbie don't kill us on the waycross town.

 Happy Birthday Ed Heffelfinger !! by InterPol Joe  at 12/26/2007 6:49:19 AM
 Re: Happy Birthday Ed Heffelfinger !! by Camray at 12/26/2007 9:59:07 AM
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