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Author:  Joe Z
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Date:  12/20/2007 10:34:13 AM
Subject:  Re: Craig, Dave, Ernie, Hank, LL, & Royce
Marty also surprised Mick by showing up at a reception the first night in a building across the road from the Flora-Bama - the Silver Moon Cafe. Marty explained, "When Mick arrived, there was a great crush of people greeting him. When he got to me, he grabbed me and said, ‘You stinker... I’m really glad you came!’ The reception was a tribute of sorts, with emotional performances by Jack Williams, Rock Killough, Jonmark Stone and Larry Jon Wilson. Mickey got up and played too, although his performance was a struggle. He made a brief but beautiful speech, acknowledging how much he is loved.” In front of Mamie, Chris and a large gathering of Front Porch Friends, Mick raised his hands, dropped his head and cried, “Look at me Momma. I’m the richest man in the world!” “Just when things got a bit too heavy,” continued Marty,” he went into ‘Little Blue Robin’ and instantly changed the mood.”

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