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Author:  erik "the Dane"
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Date:  12/19/2007 10:59:29 PM
Subject:  how big can it be - what be next!
Message:  FOR FUN!

My "music friend" ALEX NYBORG MADSEN - now back as a radio guy, host on the National Danish Radio - on there station call P4.

Before he was one of the music head of the radio, he maybe more like to be ON AIR now.
Alex is also well know from tv, from years back.

He had a Led Zeppelin COPY group, who plays around from time to time - and are lead singer there, sings "nice".

BUT around a WEEK ago, the danish Crownprins FREDERIK, married to beautiful Mary (who comes from Australia), shown up to a concert in Copenhagen, and suddenly ENTER THE STAGE and play with ALEX on mouth organ.

How good Crownprins Frederik is to play, I don´t know.

Saw on National TV DR, that at "film", from a mobil phone camera, was shown.
ALEX is "big" nice guy - have never so far meet him.
BUT fun, when we all saw Frederik, who is "small", hug, squeeze this "big" man Alex.

I HAVE NEVER ask Alex about Crownprins Frederik and there music-friendship.

MAYBE not "my style", after all!

Frederik visiting Alex many years ago in National Radio P3, in a one hour direct music radio show. Frederik was playing his favourite music.

And as say before, ALEX is on of the BIG fan of MICKEYs music in Denmark.
And also Jimmy Webb.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS time, to you and yours.
See you all around in June 2008 - stay for 9 days in Austin.



 how big can it be - what be next! by erik "the Dane" at 12/19/2007 10:59:29 PM