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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  joefus@itctel.com
Date:  12/19/2007 6:57:54 PM
Subject:  Gotta tell ya
Message:  I played "Santa" OFFICIALLY for the first time for the Clark Chamber of Commerce (last Sunday), and for the Clark Elementary School (lunchtime). Last year, I had a few kids come and hug me --- this year, I had several dozen little munchkins come up to me with a hug and "I love you". To which I could only say ... "Santa loves you, too" with a heartfelt little hug, back.

Gotta tell ya ... My year was made this week. Most kids in town know me as that white-beared guy on South Cloud St., but this time of year, I get transformed into ...... Super Santa !!!

The local newspaper had my mug shot big on FRONT PAGE. Also on Page 2, so I am on 'Cloud 9'.

My father played "Santa" for our small town Moorpark in So. Calif. for over 25 years. My brother has his 'Santa' suit. Guess I am keeping it in the family tradition.

Thank you, Lord. And thank you, little ones, for your unbridled love for ol' Saint Nick.

Yes, Santa loves you, too.

 Gotta tell ya by Joey L.  at 12/19/2007 6:57:54 PM
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