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Author:  larry larry
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Date:  12/18/2007 5:03:07 PM
Subject:  Re: Suzettes, Mom
Message:  Thanks everyone. Suzettes mom had the test today to see if she should have heart surgery. (Dear God, there are so many comments I could make right now). Anyway, it was decided that she wouldn't have that much of a quality of life lift to justify the risk.

She will come home tomorrow and I guess she will just stay here till she can't stay anymore. She has enough money saved to last her about a year and a half in assisted living or nursing home care. After that the other $2600 a month comes out of some one else's pocket. I know one of the pockets..... maybe the only one. Folks check into long term health insurance. A $150 month payment is better than paying that much a day at a nursing home. Unless you are one of the poorest of the poor, don't count on medicaid , My mother in law gets about $1300 a month total income from retirement and social security and that puts her about $43 over the line to qualify for medicaid. Also even if you do qualify, Medicaid checks back ( new law ) five years to see what you did with your money. So if you trust your kids you should start giving them your money now, to hold for you. I think you can give up to about $1300-$1500 a month without them having to pay a gift tax. Ok I'm through.

The preceding has been brought to you by Vaseline Jelly. The jelly that helps to ease the pain when the Government sticks it to ya where the sun don't shine.

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