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Author:  Gloria Comingore
E-mail:  gjcomingore@yahoo.com
Date:  12/18/2007 9:45:23 AM
Subject:  new poem
Message:  I never knew what I lost.
Until I walked out on you.
I watched you pay for your broken heart.

I never knew what I had.
Until my heart closed that door.
As your tears fell to the floor.

Now I stand-alone as you did.
I’m paying now for those tears that you’ve shed.
I’m wondering if I walked right back in.

Would your arms still open once again?
Could I erase the pain?
Could I make your broken heart whole again?

I never knew what I would feel.
The day I closed the door to your heart.
You’ll never know what I failed to see.

How empty my heart has become without you.
How I wished I hadn’t walked that day.
I’d do anything to mend your broken heart.

I’d pay for you’re broken heart.
I’d stand up and pay today.
If you’d let me pay for you’re broken heart.

 new poem by Gloria Comingore  at 12/18/2007 9:45:23 AM