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Author:  Connie S
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Date:  12/15/2007 6:04:11 AM
Subject:  Update on Lacey Kate
Message:  I received this from my nephew last night:

Hello family and friends,

Another day of trials, and sovereign grace.

Last night, Gina & I were both awake at 1am when we got a call from the CTICU, saying that Dr Laks was making rounds and was available to meet with us. We walked over and met with him, and he said that Lacey was doing really well. We did not have much time to talk with him, since there were 2 emergency surgeries happening in the CTICU ward at that time.

After sleeping in, we went back over around 10am. Through the night, Lacey's temperature had spiked, so she was receiving an antibiotic and Tylenol, and her blood was being tested for bacterial and fungal infections. These tests are culture tests, so they take several days to yeild results. So if Lacey doesn't respond to the antibiotic after a few days, the culture results will determine the next course of action.

They had to close the ward again at 11am, because of another emergency surgery in the ward on one of the same patients as the night before. We're pretty sure it was a baby, but we don't know much about the case. The ward was closed for about 3 hours for this emergency procedure...

When we got back in the afternoon, we found out that Lacey's white cell count was elevated. They are now watching her blood for various types of infections (bacterial, fungal, viral), and giving her 3 different antibiotics as a precaution, plus Tylenol and something else as needed for fever. Bacterial and fungal infections can be treated with antibiotics, but only a few viral infections can be treated, and that is only treatable with some "hard core" medications. Her face was swollen. All this news, compounded with seeing her connected to all kinds of tubes and wires, was a bit overwhelming.

Then came grace. The nurse explained to us that it is common for the body to react this way to a big surgery, even when there is no infection. The swelling is because of fluid retention, also common to surgery. The nurse and doctors stated that Lacey is doing really well during her recovery.

Lacey still has her breathing tube. The plan was to remove it today, but it never worked out that way. Between pain management and "exercising" (i.e. forcing her to work for her own breath), she just wasn't ready. They're planning on letting her rest (remain on the ventilator) tonight, and work on getting the tube out tomorrow. Two factors involved in whether the tube can be removed are the pH and CO2 levels in her blood. If the tube comes out in the morning, she may be able to take a bottle in the evening!

Before leaving the hospital tonight, we were blessed to meet with Dr Laks again and ask some of the questions that we had not yet been able to ask. Here is a summary of what we learned:
- Over the next few days and weeks, Lacey's breathing should return to a more normal level. This will enable her to feed and grow in a more normal manner.
- If her breathing tube is removed in the morning, then she could be released in a week.
- Her AV canal should be repaired in 6-9 months, which means over summer break. Any shorter, and she will not be big enough. Any longer, and her oxygenation will not be enough.
- During surgery, Dr Laks did not look inside the heart, and thus was not able to determine whether the left ventricle and right ventricle were the same size. He just said that he trusted Wednesday's sonogram, that they were the same size. He did not attempt to qualify this (i.e. "coincidence" vs. miracle), he just stated the fact.

- God is good, great, generous, gracious, and merciful. His love endures forever.
- Lacey is receiving wonderful medical care.
- Lacey's recovery is going quite well.

Prayer requests:
- That God would keep Lacey free from any infections, especially viral infections.
- That Lacey's breathing tube could come out tomorrow, and that she could resume feeding.
- That Lacey would be fit to come home as soon as possible.
- That we would "be anxious for nothing," and continually turn to God with every praise and petition.
- That God would hold us up and give us grace, peace, and comfort.
- That we would be used to minister to others while we are here.
- That the baby who received 2 emergency surgeries in the last 24 hours would be ok, and for his/her parents.

Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf, and for your encouragement and support.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our affliction so that we will be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Scott & Gina

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