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Author:  The Sheriff
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Date:  12/10/2007 5:54:06 AM
Subject:  And there's another critter out there!!!
Message:  Today also happens to be the birthday for one of our rays of sunshine (LL may beg to differ) here on the Porch. We've all seen her grow out of 'teen-hood' (LL, bite your tongue) into that darlin' who happens to come to the Gatherings and wails out a tune or two, (or twenty). (wink)

I'm talkin' 'bout Laura Shayne Newbury Hunsaker, who is the "Peach Posse" on my team. PP for short. She's a hibernating up there in Oregon Territory, but I think Ryan should get her out to paint the forest --- or whatever. (wink wink)

Happy Birthday, dear, from all your friends here on the Porch, especially your Sheriff and your fellow Posse trackers.

 And there's another critter out there!!! by The Sheriff at 12/10/2007 5:54:06 AM
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