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Author:  JackieP
E-mail:  gagidear@msn.com
Date:  12/5/2007 7:33:27 PM
Subject:  Poetry.com
Message:  Someone recently posted about this site, poetry.com, the Editor's Choice Award, the plaques and the books you can buy, and the never-ending emails from them. Would you believe that last year I entered a poem with them, it won an award (don't they all?) and I bought 3 plaques and a book at some expense. After reading the posts here about this site, I realize that, while my poem is nice, it's not worth all this attention.. Oddly (not), my poem is on the first page of my copy of the book of poetry. I can believe that all the people who bought books (3 of us probably at the most) had their poem on the first page. Probably the only 3 books they sold lolol.

But now that it is over and paid for, I'm stuck with the items and my poem is copyrighted and somewhere on the internet. So my children will receive all the stuff for Christmas. I am an idiot, and they will have something else to put up in the attic this year.

Now if we were to have a book of Mickey's lyrics, that would be a royal treat at any price.

JackieP in Maryland

 Poetry.com by JackieP  at 12/5/2007 7:33:27 PM
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