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Author:  Randy B
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Date:  12/4/2007 4:37:57 PM
Subject:  Re: Mickey Had This Idea and Wanted Me To Desig...
Message:  Hey Ernie, I dont' know about the "smart enough" part, but I think if you had put your mind to it you could have got'er done. If anybody could have used a self tuning guitar, it was Mick! If you've ever tried to pick along with his music, it's a nightmare from song to song. He had the habit of tuning to fit what he was doing at the time and sounded right to his ear for the effect he was trying to achieve. He was a master at that, but it must have been a nightmare to orchestrate later for other instruments. Jonmark would know, for sure. As for Jackie's pain, "no pain, no gain". I think back to the bleeding fingers and the nights trying to straighten out my back when it hit the bed after a gig on a stool and it triggers some memories, but it was all worth it and so was listening to Mick's tunes.

Love and hugs from the Texas Panhandle

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