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Author:  Laura Shayne
E-mail:  laura.s.hunsaker@gmail.com
Date:  12/4/2007 8:12:27 AM
Subject:  Re: Snow in Oregon, Karen?
Message:  I can't speak for Karen in town, but I do know we lost power at about 4 am yesterday morning, and got it back yesterday evening sometime. I had plenty of oil lamps out already (we like to light the house by oil -- especially in the winter...) I started a fire at 5, and heard mom outside hammering away on a fence that had gone down. She gathered her things, I gathered mine, and we headed for the school to get ready. Lots of limbs down, but thank goodness no large trees on the roads from our houses to town. I wore my carhardts just in case. *grin*

There were recorded 125 mph winds on the coast yesterday, and it's been so blasted warm outside that the wind doesn't even cut through your clothes! It's an odd feeling for someone from Oregon. A warm breeze means trouble! Last night when I fed horses, the sky was clearer than I've seen it in weeks! And the sunrise this morning was enough to keep me in Oregon one more winter. So... we're doin' pretty good where we are.

Karen?? You guys hold up over there?? It's nothin' like that storm we had back in 2001, huh?

Hope you're all well.


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