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Author:  Jeffrey Boothe
E-mail:  haveguitarz@peoplepc.com
Date:  10/20/2007 6:15:30 PM
Subject:  Re: 1st M Newbury song I heard
Message:  Outta sight dale my wife and I r huge hokie fans.I'LL shoot u an e-mail 4 my next pickin party.I have 2 pickin buddies comin down from Baltimore soon so I'll let u know when.Been workin on Grain of Sand,had to dig up cassette from Nashville Now till my new Newbury cds arrive.I'm exstatic that i know where to find more albums I've searched R'noke & only found 2.We live in Chamblissburg b'tween Vinton & SM. MT. Lake.Got 2 boats too so e-mail mw at haveguitarz@ peoplepc.com.See ya soon

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